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A Pavillion At The Wye Lane Park


As many of you know our ministry has been reaching out in the communities of Dorchester Waylyn and Dorchester Terrace for the past four years. Since we have been using the Wye Lane Park, the City of North Charleston have since planted over 20 trees in the park, installed picnic tables, and have kept the park up regularly for the past few years. The next step in blessing the community is to build a fully functioning pavilion at the park. We would like to begin the process by asking for the help of donors who can provide monetary assistance to build a pavilion or who can provide materials for the pavilion.  You can also partner with us by praying for this project and for the people in the Dorchester Waylyn and Dorchester Terrace Communities in North Charleston.

We are reaching out to concerned citizens, foundations, businesses, or local non profits who would like to help adopt this project.

We will continue to update the community on this worthy cause. 

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