Community Partners

Our missions work would not be possible without strong partners in the community. Here are a few of our very helpful allies:


Seacoast Church: Located on Long Point Rd. in Mt. Pleasant, the church consists of 13 campuses. The church is the spiritual authority for our organization and for our Jesus Mission. They provide many volunteers.

The City of North Charleston: As one of the largest metropolitan cities in the state of South Carolina, the city allows our ministry to use the city park on Wye Lane in North Charleston as well as the Jeanene Batten Community Center. They are a strong partner in helping the community.


Trident United Way: The United Way serves our local communities in many ways. They are located on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston. The United Way has allowed us to be listed in their 211 Directory as well as their volunteer directory. The United Way offers us an abundance of resources.

The Benefit Bank of SC: The Benefit Bank is our most recent partner. They have offered us the opportunity to become trained in their benefits software.

The Low Country Food Bank: The food bank is located on Azalea Avenue and allows our organization to purchase food very cheap. The food is then given to the Dorchester Waylyn and Dorchester Terrace Communities.



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